Rochdale and District Mind

Strategic Plan

Mental health and wellbeing are intrinsic to all people's motivation, confidence and ultimately their success in managing their needs and taking control over their own health and care.  

In the past three years, Rochdale and District Mind has been at the heart of our community supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing for Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR), and offering targeted services in Bury and Tameside.  We have also been forging better links with Lancashire to offer better support for people living in North East Lancashire.  During 2014-17 we achieved more than ever before, building from our strategic plan for that period.

Our new strategic plan (2017-2020) lays out the direction and key business priorities for Rochdale and District Mind.  Through consultation with people with mental health problems, supporters and key holders this has now helped to develop the plan before.

Rochdale and District Mind Strategic Plan 

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