Some young people miss out and don't get the chance to attend their schools prom for reasons such as:

  • Being bullied
  • Being homeschooled
  • Their school doesn’t hold one

This year we want young people to have the chance to celebrate their achievements and also stand up to hate, the Rochdale and District Mind Young Advisors are organizing a Diversity Prom.

We had a good amount of interest in last years ‘Alternative Disney themed Prom', and in the light of the recent tragic incident in Manchester and those in London, we want to expand upon the idea of last years prom. We want to create a fun and friendly 'Diversity Prom' allowing young people to come together to celebrate difference and diversity. Additionally it will be an opportunity for young people who were unable to celebrate the end of the school year as they couldn’t attend their own prom. The prom will be designed to be a safe and judgement free space for the young people of the Borough to express solidarity and unity.

Greater Manchester Police have reported a spike in hate crime since the recent Manchester incident. The Young Advisors feel it is important to demonstrate that young people stand united against hate and are united in celebration of our differences.

The Young Advisors will send a hand written card expressing their thank you to all donators for their appeal. (email the below email address so we can get your postal address)

For more information, or if you're interested in attending please email: [email protected]