Rochdale and District Mind - Young Advisors will launch a new pilot programme on Thursday 31st August with the support of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH). The pilot programme called: Access and Readiness will test out the effectiveness of a managed programme of social/community based support for young people aged 16-25 years.  In light growing waiting lists to access NHS services, Rochdale and District Minds Young Advisors have been developing a broader range of social and community activity and the pilot gives access to additional activity through a small fund that can pay for educational and physical activities outside of the usual options available.

Historically people with health issues have been able to get exercise on prescription and can still get books on prescription. The young people involved in the Young Advisors project have looked at this idea taken it a step further. Recognising that there are financial barriers that sometimes hold up getting the right help at the right time. 

John Swallow who is undertaking the sponsored walk said:

Giving young people more control and choice of the activities they can undertake that promote good health and wellbeing is at the heart of the programme.  By removing barriers to getting access to the right help at the right time should speed up recovery and improve outcomes

The new programme is being piloted with four young people aged 18-21 years and each will work up their own health and emotional wellbeing plan that will result in both a physical and emotional health improvement.  Attached to the pilot will be a small budget to ensure that there are no financial barriers to accessing the help they need. The initial fund will pay for club memberships, gym passes and short educational course.

To launch the fund one of Rochdale and District Minds Open Young Minds Coordinators will walk from the town centre to St. Albans House and then on to Sandbrook Park HQ in fancy dress and collect donations from Rochdale Boroughwide Housings (RBH) two main offices in the Borough.  RBH has chosen Rochdale and District Mind as their charity of the year and have kindly agreed to help launch the fund. This is just one of many activities planned through the year.

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