Self-help resources are tools that have been developed by health care professionals for you to use by yourself, and can be helpful in managing anxiety. They can be in the form of:
•computer programmes, such as Fearfighter. Fearfighter is a computer-based CBT (CCBT) programme for treating anxiety, panic and phobias.

To access self-help resources:

•You can buy self-help workbooks from various bookshops and specialist organisation websites, such as No Panic.
•Your local library might be able to order certain self-help books for you to borrow for free.
•Your GP and Rochdale and District Mind are able to prescribe you self-help resources through the NHS.

What other treatment options are there?

Applied relaxation therapy
•Applied relaxation therapy involves learning how to relax your muscles in situations where you normally experience anxiety.
•It should be delivered by a trained therapist – usually for 1 session a week, over 3–4 months.
•This treatment can only be accessed via your GP and he/she is more likely to prescribe applied relaxation if you have generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) or agoraphobia (a kind of phobia).

How can I access these treatments?

•Through the NHS via a GP referral – The first step is usually to talk to your GP, who can make an assessment and prescribe treatments.
•self-referral to Rochdale and District Mind by completing a referral form - see top of this page for the link
•You may also be able to refer yourself for counselling. You can see if self-referral NHS services are available in your area by looking at the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme website.