The most common treatments that  your GP might offer you for anxiety and panic disorders are:
•talking treatments
•self-help resources
•certain types of medication

The kind of treatment your GP offers you might vary depending on your diagnosis, but ideally they should offer you a talking treatment before prescribing medication (this the recommendation of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who produce guidelines on best practice in healthcare).

Talking treatments

Talking treatments (also known as counselling or therapy), are a process in which you work with a trained therapist to understand the causes of your anxiety, and to find strategies to manage it.

There are lots of different types of talking treatments available, but the most commonly prescribed talking treatment for anxiety is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), because there is reliable evidence that it can be effective. Again Rochdale and District Mind can offer you one to one counselling if group sessions are found not to help you.