Rochdale and District Mind offer the following computerised CBT packages that you can access from your home computer. If you are already a Rochdale and District Mind service user then please contact your Wellbeing Coordinator for more information on these packages. If you are not already a service user then contact our Information Help Line on 01706 752338 for details of how you can refer yourself and access these programmes

Fear Fighter

Fear Fighter is a cognitive behavioural therapy based on-line self help course for treating panic and phobia. It teaches ways to tackle panicky or anxious thoughts and to stop avoiding the things the things that cause them.

Fear Fighter consists of nine computer based sessions lasting about an hour each. The sessions are interactive, with videos, exercises and downloadable content, and ideally they should be done at weekly intervals. You will also need to do about four to five hours homework each week to review what you have learned.

The course helps you set treatment goals and explains how anxiety affects the mind and body. It helps you gradually face the things you fear and avoid.

You will be encouraged to fill in questionnaires each week so you can plot your progress.

Mood Calmer

Mood Calmer is an on-line four session self help programme for low mood and depression. It is based on evidence based CBT techniques to help you tackle and overcome depression. Each session lasts about 20 minutes. After some sessions there will be important activities that you will be asked to complete. These are designed to help you build on what you have learned during the sessions. The program also helps you track your progress with questionnaires. You'll receive an e mail after completing each session and you can print out session summaries and worksheets as you work your way through the program.


Restore CBT for insomnia and sleep difficulties helps people sleep more, be more productive at work, make fewer mistakes and feel better.

According to The National Sleep Foundation over 50% of adults experience one or more symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights per week. The course comprises of seven sessions lasting one hour each.