Rochdale Compleat Café is running Variety Cooking Sessions every Tuesday - see details below:

Click below to access some of the recipes used on the variety cooking sessions:

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Meat and Vegetable Pie

Cottage Pie

Manchester Tart


Easy Cheese Frittata – Brain Food

Wakey-Shake – Wake-Up Foods

Apple and Cinnamon Fool

Diet Cola Chicken

Rhubarb Fool

Service User comments about the Variety Cooking course include:

" I enjoy every cooking every Tuesday. It has helped me through a rough patch in my life. Andrew, Paul and all the staff are brilliant and the recipes are good as well.

"The cooking lessons are great. Cooking at home has become great again - not a chore."

"I look forward to the cooking on Tuesdays. I have picked up a lot of tips."