Get Active 4 Life (GA4L) is a two-year project focusing on people aged 16+ with an inactive lifestyle; those who have depleted resources and face multiple disadvantages and challenges that prevent them from engaging in any or very little physical activity. The aim is to encourage their active participation in a range of sport and physical activities, so that each person can build a programme of regular activity into their lives, with at least 60 minutes to 2 hours per week.

Each person accessing the project will be assigned to a Sport Connector who will deliver our “Get Active Tool Box”. The Tool Box will include a number tools to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

For example, the Pre-Active Prep Tool will include a number of warm up exercises, and the Personal Action Plan Tool will help you get active in a way that suits you, and make you more likely to continue being active in future. See below:

Pre-Active Prep Tool - Warm up Exercises

·         Initial Assessment

·         Confidence building / personal goal setting

·         Motivational training

·         Flexible taster sessions

Personal Action Plan Tool

·         Link to Sport Connector

·         Review with Sport Connector

·         Lifestyle Change Support

·         Identifying an using resources in the 

          community to support an active lifestyle

Sport and physical activities on offer will include:

Football Climbing  Sailing
Walking Badminton Tai Chi
Cycling  Yoga   Boxing
Gym Sessions Swimming  Zumba

To access any of these activities, or if you are interested in becoming a Sport Connector, please contact our Get Active 4 Life Project Coordinator:

Email        : [email protected]
Telephone : 01706 752 343
Mobile       : 07971 835 907