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What is CYP Counselling & Art Therapy?

CYP Counselling & Art Therapy allow children and young people to explore their issues in a supportive and confidential environment. Our children and young people’s counsellors and therapists are experienced in supporting younger clients to feel at ease and supported.

Counselling can be incredibly beneficial to younger people as they can talk about their issues separate from their parents, teachers and peers, without fear of judgement and begin to understand their feelings and learn how to manage difficult feelings when they occur.

Art therapy offers a creative way for children and young people to communicate and express their feelings. This is particularly helpful when a child or young person finds it difficult to find the right words or talk about their feelings. Using art materials or making images can help younger people to see their difficulties in a different way and find new ways to cope.

Who can access the service?

Our CYP Counselling & Art Therapy service is available to anyone 12 years or older living in (or whose GP is in) Rochdale, Heywood or Middleton and is not accessing a counselling service elsewhere.

We work with people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, disability or ethnicity.

How can I access counselling?

Referrals can be made by the young person themselves, their parents/carers or other professionals. For young people aged 12-16, we will ask for parental consent or permission to be provided.

You can complete a self-referral form or call our Information Line on 01706 752338.

Referral form


What times is counselling open?

Counselling sessions are available at the following times:

Monday 10am-5.30pm

Tuesday 10am -8.30pm

Wednesday 10am-5.30pm

Thursday 10am-8.30pm

Art therapy sessions are available at the following times:

Tuesday 2pm-8.30pm

What happens next?

The young person (or their parent/carer) will be contacted to arrange an assessment for the young person with an experienced counsellor. This is a one-off appointment to learn more about the young person, their situation and their needs to enable us to offer the right support.

Following the assessment, if the service is suitable, the young person will be placed on a waiting list and we will contact the young person (or their parent/carer) with a suitable appointment as soon as one is available.

How soon the young person is able to have counselling/therapy with us will depend on a range of factors. The wider your availability in terms of days and times, the sooner we will be able to book you in.

The young person will be offered 8 weekly counselling/therapy sessions with the same counsellor/therapist at the same time each week – either face to face or by telephone.

Our service is completely confidential, and we will not disclose anything said in sessions to parents/carers, other services or organisations unless the young person has consented to this or there is a risk of serious harm to the young person or someone else.


Counselling sessions are provided free of charge. However, donations are always welcome and will help provide mental health support to more people.



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