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Young Advisors

A team of young people in Rochdale working to improve the services in their local area – focusing on young people’s mental health.

The Young Advisors have made a significant and important contribution to the co-design of emotional and mental health services for young people. The Young Advisors brought a perspective and experience that generated a different type of conversation in our co-design sessions. The final specification is much richer as a consequence of their engagement.

Laura Beesley, Team Leader Sure Start/Early Help & Schools


Rochdale Borough Young Advisors are a local and national award winning team of young people aged 16 to 24 who feel passionate about making positive changes in their community. The team members offer unique perspectives on community life because they have first-hand experiences of using services and understand the issues facing young people locally.

The team has a main focus on mental health in young people: improving the services they use and erasing the stigma. The team have also worked on projects such as LGBT+ inclusion, acceptance of diversity and community development.

What the team are experienced in:

  • Youth proofing
  • Consultations
  • Delivering training
  • Youth work
  • Report writing

Being a Young Advisors is amazing, I get to be involved in the community and be someone who makes positive change, my confidence, social networks and future prospects are more positive as a result of being a YA

Young Advisor, 2018


Download our research/reports:

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LGBT+ Young People In Rochdale

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The diverse team has worked on various projects such as:

  • Designed a unique activity based Self Help Book, the book aims to improve the emotional health of young people by learning about themselves, learning how to cope with difficulties, accepting themselves and becoming resilient
  • Held a #YouthStandTogether event in light of the Manchester terrorist attack to bring young people together in a safe place to celebrate their diverse community
  • Designed and leaded campaigns on topics such as bullying and self-harm, with an evidenced reach of close to 30,000 people online
  • Delivered training on gender and workshops on wellbeing
  • Researched the needs of 18 to 25 year olds, produced a youth proofed document for commissioners and service providers to inform local commissioning requirements

To find out about other pieces of work we’ve done, contact us using the email or telephone number below

Young Advisors in the media

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