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Emotional Wellbeing Awareness Training

Duration:                   1.5 – 2 hours
Suitable for:               Everyone

An informative session to introduce you to the topic of mental wellbeing and build your awareness of the simple things you can do every day to proactively support yourself and others. The course provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help others feel supported and encouraged.

Those attending the course will walk away with a clear understanding of the early warning signs and symptoms of a dip in mental wellbeing and how they can respond effectively to minimise the risk of a mental health episode. 

Session Content

  • Mental wellbeing – definition and understanding
  • Unhealthy stress – what are the early warning signs/symptoms
  • Stress response – the neuroscience of fight, flight, freeze
  • Impact on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups, including Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Optimising mental wellbeing – practical tools, techniques and everyday rituals
  • Sign-posting – accessing mental wellbeing resources


  • Understand what mental wellbeing means to you
  • Build awareness to identify the first symptoms or markers of a dip in wellbeing
  • Learn how to proactively manage pressure and maintain mental wellbeing
  • Apply tools, techniques and rituals to offset symptoms of unhealthy stress
  • Sign-posting – increase confidence in where to get information and support around mental health
  • Increase knowledge of further training opportunities and where to find them.

For further details, please contact our training team:

Tel: 01706 752 330
Email:  [email protected]

Training in Mind, Rochdale & District Mind, Mind Wellbeing Centre, 3-11 Drake St, Rochdale OL16 1RE

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