Rochdale and District Mind offer a wide variety of wellbeing services to help local residents . The first step in accessing any of the help available at Rochdale and District Mind is to complete a referral form and to meet a Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss your issues. You and your Wellbeing Coordinator will then build up an individual action plan to tackle your issues.

The section below explains more general information about the Wellbeing services offered by Rochdale and District Mind.

Support Groups

Rochdale & District Mind provides a number of issue specific support groups. These groups offer the opportunity to talk to other who know what you are going through in a safe and supportive environment. They give members the space to share stories and coping strategies. These include:
Anxiety and Depression Support Group
Anxiety and Depression Support Group (Middleton)
BME Women's Wellbeing Group 
Men's Wellbeing Group
Women's Wellbeing Group

Facilitated Self Help Groups

These courses run from 4-6 weeks and are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. They are not therapy groups but are designed to help people learn and develop coping strategies for themselves. These include:

Living Life to the Full

The Living Life to the Full course uses a popular self-help format, and also the CBT model which has a proven effectiveness in helping people develop life skills that help them tackle feelings of low mood, stress and distress.

The course aims to provide easy access to CBT skills - and does so in a way that cuts through jargon.  By empowering users to understand why they feel as they do, and to learn new ways of improving how they feel - the course aims to provide ready access to key information.  The course is based on "Helping people to help themselves".  A crucial element is to inform, educate and teach key life skills.  The course is supported by a series of CBT self-help workbooks that can be used between the sessions. They encourage the reader to put what they have learnt into practice and to stop, think, reflect on what is being learned.  Please see poster here

Fear Fighter, Mood Calmer and Restore online CBT packages

> Fear Fighter - a self help course for treating panic and phobia,

> Mood Calmer - a 4 session self-help program for low mood and depression.

> Restore - for insomnia and sleep difficulties.

For further information about the above packages, please talk to your wellbeing worker

Wellbeing Toolkit

The aim of this course is to focus on the positive and the tools you already have, and to take control of your mental health.  For further information, please see here.

Hearing Voices Course  

This 6 week course will guide you through a workbook to help you understand your voices, learn coping techniques and learn what works from others.  For further information, please see here.

Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse

12 week support group to help participants to come to terms with childhood sexual abuse. For further information, please see here.

Other Wellbeing Activities

Here in Wellbeing Services, we run a wide variety of wellbeing activities, that assist service users on their journey of recovery.

Attending wellbeing groups, enables people to approach their recovery to mental health holistically.The following ongoing activities run in conjunction with, and compliment our other services:

Art for Wellbeing 
Complimentary Therapies 
Creative Writing 
Daylight Therapy Lamp (for S.A.D. sufferers - see link to S.A.D here)
Social Cafes
Tai Chi
Men's Wellbeing Group 
Women's Wellbeing Group

These activities are only open to registered users of Rochdale and District Mind's services.More information on all these activities is available from your Wellbeing Coordinator.

Wellbeing in Heywood

We work in partnership with Recovery Republic to deliver wellbeing activities and mental health services locally. For 3 years we have been awarded the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Social Investment Funding (HMR SIF) to deliver this project. 

For further information about this partnership, please contact either Carl Cruse at Recovery Republic (01706 622722 ) or Alice Bewick at Rochdale and District Mind 07766 140904. Alternatively visit the Recovery Republic website

For more information, please contact your Wellbeing Worker or to register contact our Information line on 01706 752338.

Wellbeing in Middleton

There are various wellbeing activities and courses running in Middleton for local service users.  Please contact your Wellbeing Worker for further details if you are a registered service user,  To register, please contact our information line on 01706 752338 or download a referral form from this website.