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Rochdale is the birthplace of co-operation and Rochdale and District Mind believe that working in partnership with other agencies where our values and missions align benefits everyone. We already work with multiple agencies to deliver a wide spectrum of support across communities to those who need it and are always seeking opportunities for collaboration.

As well as informal partnerships we are also engaged in some formal partnerships:

Community and Family Health Living Well Partnership

Four organisations from the charity sector including Rochdale and District Mind joined together in early 2017 to form a partnership to deliver the Community and Family Health Living Well service. Rochdale and District Mind are providing the lead on Five Ways to Wellbeing This partnership will make it easier for people with long term conditions and multiple barriers to get the best possible support when and where they need it.

Outreach in Heywood

Rochdale and District Mind have been in partnership with the Recovery Republic in Heywood over the last 3 years to provide mental health and wellbeing support close to home for local residents in Heywood. This project has flourished over time and although funding has reduced over the last year it is still valued by residents and local agencies.

Mind in Greater Manchester

We have been developing collaborative approaches with our colleagues across Greater Manchester and from late 2017 we have been in a formal partnership to scope and connect Greater Manchester Minds across the GM footprint. We want to develop a strategy for the future of the partnership, building connections with mental health commissioners across Greater Manchester, supporting the development of joint work and assistance with funding.

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