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Tatton, Prospect Place and CAMHS

Rochdale and District Mind Advocacy Secure Services

Rochdale and District Mind provide advocacy at 3 units across the Pennine Care Footprint. These are namely Prospect Place on the Birch Hill site in Rochdale, the Tatton unit on the Tameside hospital site and a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit (CAMHS) on the Fairfield hospital site.

All three services (CAMHS also has an acute component) have the remit to support detained patients who are on longer pathways within hospital units. Prospect Place typical is an 18-24 month pathway, Tatton 2 to 5 years, and CAMHS (long stay) 12 months+.

These longer pathways require quite a different approach, central to which is the relationships that the advocates build with the patients. Many of the patients will have been in and out of mental health services for many years prior to coming to the units we cover and hence some may have lost trust in services, become institutionalised and lost all sense/hope of ever getting back to the community.

Advocacy works in partnership with the units where the patients are based but ultimately the inherent aim underpinning our work relate to supporting the patients to move on from the respective units to a less restrictive setting in a person-centred and timely way.

Over the years advocacy has been able to play a pivotal role in the patients progress whether it be helping them to voice their opinions in meetings, giving them information, for  example  about medication, liaising with others involved in their care and generally helping/supporting them with any issues that are important to them. Three advocates provide support to approximately 80 patients at any one time within these services.

Prospect & Tatton

Tatton Unit – Tameside:

Tel: 01706 752344 
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07987 514523

Prospect Place – Rochdale:

Tel: 01706 752344 
Email: [email protected]  
Mobile: 07987 514523

CAMHS – Fairfield Hospital

Tel: 01706 752344
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07875 239820

Postal Address:

Prospect & Tatton Advocacy 
c/o Mind Wellbeing Centre 
3-11 Drake Street 
OL16 1RE

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