The Sports for Wellbeing (S4W) project was started in May 2022 with a focus on individuals having access to a range of physical activities that help them to develop a healthy lifestyle. We support people from Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale and Bury who have mild to moderate emotional health issues.

With the help of the S4W Co-ordinator, participants will be helped to overcome challenges that they are experiencing and stopping them from accessing the activities.  We talk through any health issues that the participant may have and look at what they CAN DO rather than what they CAN’T DO. We help them to believe in themselves and help build self esteem and body confidence in a safe and confidential environment.


What activities are on offer?

  • Tai Chi
  • Women Only Swimming
  • Healthy Lifestyles Programme
  • Chair Based Yoga
  • Crown Green Bowling

We work in partnership with local organisations to give participants further physical opportunities.  We will be with you every step of the way from meeting you, joining in and experiencing the activity with you so why not sign up today!


Just want to say a huge thank you for organising our swim today, you have no idea how valuable to me (and others) these weekly swims are.

Crown Green Bowling was great fun and would definitely do it again. Great for mental health, good company and great being outdoors!