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We offer mental health and emotional wellbeing support to those living with dementia, their carers, and families living in the Rochdale Borough.

When you or someone you know starts to experience times when they are forgetting tasks or struggling with their memory it can be worrying and confusing. Our Dementia Wellbeing Support team is here to support all our communities across the Rochdale borough so they don’t face this experience alone.

We offer one to one, face to face and group support to help the person with dementia, their carer, and families, with the aim to empower and enhance the ability to live well.

We have a range of activities and open days planned throughout the year which are all free to attend. We support you right from the beginning of your journey, you don’t need to be diagnosed with dementia to reach out for our support, we are here for you.

To find out more contact our Dementia Wellbeing Support Team:

Eva on 07789 220 405 or email [email protected]

Qulzam on 07896 146 445 or email [email protected]


Words we have received from a carer of a person living with Dementia who we have supported:

Thank you to Rochdale Mind for what Mind is doing for carers. It is a relief to know there is help out there. Please do not think there is nobody. These people are wonderful and will support you through your struggles. It was like a weight lifted to know there is someone for Dementia Carers. There is help out there, you don’t need to feel alone.

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