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We provide information and support, campaign to improve policy and attitudes and in partnership with independent local Mind associations, develop local services. We do all this to make it possible for people who experience mental distress to live full lives and play their full part in society.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Rochdale and District Mind have produced 4 new videos for Anti-Bullying Week, 3 of the videos were filmed of young people who live in Rochdale describing their experiences of bullying and how it made them feel.

The young people said they felt "ignored and left out" and "insecure, worthless and stupid".  They also said that being bullied still affects them to this day.  And that is left them asking "Why me?".

The 4th video was produced with Alyson Harvey from Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Board, who had an incredibly important message "People are different in some way, tall or thin, or a different race or gender or something else.  The thing is, we are all different in some way - and that's a good thing, it's a good thing we are unique and it is no excuse for bullying".

We would like to thank everyone involved involved in producing and promoting the awareness of bullying but also to the young people who were videoed in the films.  

To see the video's (available via You Tube), please see here.

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