Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 3

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Kindness. Kindness and our mental health are deeply connected and kindness can be an antidote to isolation and create a sense of belonging.

We’re sharing Kindness sessions and stories each day this week. Be sure to pop back every day to enjoy another session of self-care because #KindnesssMatters


Acts of Kindness

Doing something for someone else can help us to feel good too. Do a small act of kindness for someone else, every day, and you’ll feel even better than they do. What’s more, you’ll feel better straight away. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, you can get a lift in your mood by helping someone with their work, cooking a meal or spending time with someone who needs the company.

One of our Counsellors, Sam has shared some ideas she had for kindness acts:

  • Make something that reminds or inspires you about someone. 
  • Walk someone’s dog if they are unable to get out.
  • Write someone a compliment.
  • Do a bit of gardening for a neighbour. 
  • Keep someone company. (while social distancing)
  • Make someone a gift. 


There are lots more acts of kindness ideas on the below link to help with inspiration

Acts of Kindness



Giving through Fundraising

We’re always amazed by the kindness that is shown by our fundraisers and we appreciate every single one.

Our current fundraiser, Joe is just over half-way to running his total of 100 miles over May to raise money for Rochdale and District Mind. You can read more about his story and help him achieve his target here…

Joe’s 100 miles in May



Join in on the ‘Together in One Voice’

There’s a mass doorstep sing-a-long happening – and the whole of Greater Manchester is invited.

On Thursday 28th May, 7.30pm, Greater Manchester will fill the streets with music as local residents and famous faces come ‘Together in One Voice’ for a mass sing-a-long from their doorsteps and windows.

The event is being delivered by Social Enterprise and not-for-profits and will help profile the great work of the Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprose (VCSE) sector across Greater Manchester. This unique and ambitious event will be live-streamed for audiences as it happens and then shared with the nation in full on Sunday 31st May. 

The online rehearsals to learn the songs and harmonies started from Friday 15th May and you can nominate your street to be filmed too!

Read the MEN article about the event for more information:



Posted on: 20th May 2020

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